99 Problems (II)

You've tried and tried and it just doesn't work.

Every problem has its own rhythm, its own breath.

At first, perhaps you tried to impose your own on it. You struggled.

But finally, something happened and you stopped fighting. Now, you begin to seek the problem's rhythms, its ebbs and flows.

When you find them, the problem doesn't cease to be a problem. But it does cease to be a struggle.

99 Problems

You try something and it doesn't work. It's not quite clear why. Was it because of x, y, or z? You try it again and it doesn't work. The reason's still not clear. You try it again. It doesn't work.

You're familiar with Einstein's definition of insanity. You'd prefer to think of yourself as sane.

By any reasonable standard, you've given it the good college try. Maybe it doesn't work because it just doesn't fucking work.