Brief Reflections. The Current Rules.

It was interesting to see how sharply my zero-drafting output fell off when I decided to publish on the equinox. Besides the seasonal and symbolic value of that choice, the idea was that I would be giving myself time to establish some form of queuing, going from zero-draft through necessary edits and rewrites and then getting the piece ready for publication. I didn't want to be riding the ragged edge of disaster. But it hasn't worked out that way.

Well, tough shit. During the whole process, I made up some rules for myself for the next phase of this project, and I'm going to work awfully hard to not break them.

The current rules:

  1. Zero drafting every workday (Monday through Friday). 5,000 words per week, which points to 1,000 words per day, but by thinking of it as a weekly quota, it allows me to catch up if something unexpected comes up, and to get ahead when something expected (e.g. ski day) will be coming up.

  2. Publishing every workday. I initially had planned on also publishing 1000 words/day, but that would mean that every zero-draft word got published. That's a bad idea. The whole idea of the zero-draft is to not worry about the quality. And sometimes that means that you write some really low-quality stuff, and when you do, you shrug and delete it during edits. You certainly don't ask an audience to read it.

So, Day 2 of the new process? Check. Still showing up.

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