Inside Baseball, Parts 2 & 3

More thoughts on the possible value of writing about writing.

Naked Ambition

I've started coaching a few writers with their projects. I'm enjoying it, and my clients are telling me that I'm really helping them. I know already that I'd like to cultivate a more substantial clientele. These pieces say something about my credentials. "Let me tell you some things I've learned about writing."

Reflections on Living the Experiment

One of the features of this writing experiment is to trust that it's productive to look directly at my life for material to write about. And right now the experiment itself, especially what I'm discovering through the process of daily publishing, is a major feature of my life. In spaces of risk and growth, self-doubt is likely, self-exploration necessary, and self-reflection productive. Writing is often planting seeds; this is bound to be fertile ground for them to grow.

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