The Free Refills Spring Season Readership Awards (or, Gratitude)

  • The award for "Most Enthusiastic Promoter of the Site" goes to: Jerry Siravo.

Many times this spring, Jerry said to me, "I turned [insert name] on to your not-a-blog." Jerry almost certainly has been more active in promoting this thing than I have.

Through his efforts, I now have over six readers per day!

But for serious, I have no idea how many people read this thing. I've only occasionally done promotion, and I've never checked my pageviews, not once. For all I know, word of mouth has taken off and over 10,000 people read this thing every day. Rumor even has it (it's a valid rumor even if I'm the one who starts it, right?) that President Obama is a daily reader! Welcome, Mr. President. I hope you continue to enjoy what you're reading here.

But back to serious: I'm actually pretty proud of what I'm doing here. Thus a goal for the summer season: actually put regular effort into increasing my readership. Time to spread the gospel. (And to Jerry, and anyone else who's passed the URL on to someone else: thank you.)

  • The "It's Like a Tasty Beverage, but in Words" Cleverness Award goes to: Dawn Skinner

This is not a blog, and therefore these can't be blogposts. Only Dawn has thus far figured out (or at least reflected back to me) what they are: they're Free Refills.

Good job, Dawn.

Now that I've acknowledged it, I'll have to finally explain what Free Refills really means. It all started many years ago with a really great idea...anyway, watch this space.

In all seriousness, thanks to everyone who's reading what I'm publishing here.

I'm trying to build something here. Without your eyes, it would be so easy to stop stumbling forward, though stumble forward I must. Every time I receive even the barest hint that these writings mean something to someone, it fills my world with light.

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