The Free Refills Story, Part 5

If you're just getting here, you should probably start by reading parts one, two, three, and four.

Are you ready to hear about my great idea?

My idea is this:

You can buy this mug. It's a really nice mug. It's made out of stainless steel. It's double-walled for insulation, is dishwasher safe, has a convenient handle and a spill-proof lid and is just the right size for your favorite beverage. You can easily attach it to a carabiner so you can carry it on your backpack or utili-belt so you can have it handy if you arrive at a party where you need to bring your own mug, like at Burning Man or the Oscars.

(Back when I first had this idea, I described the mug as being made out of plastic, because that's what insulated beverage mugs were made of back then. These days, drinking out of plastic beverage containers doesn't seem like maybe as great an idea as it once did, considering things like plastic pollution, that plastic is made from petroleum, and that plastic leaches chemicals that do things like mess up your endocrine system and make people deny climate change. Even great ideas need to evolve.)

It's handsome, the mug. A mug you'd be proud to be seen carrying. A mug that makes others say, "Look at that smart, handsome person, carrying his/her mug and enjoying a delicious beverage. That person is a model human being. Henceforth, I will strive to be more like that sophisticated, rippling-abbed soul."

None of that stuff is the great idea, by the way. Insulated, spill-proof beverage mugs are a really great idea, but not breathing-level great, and, since they existed before I thought to think about them, I can't really claim that they are specifically my idea.

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