This One Goes Out to the Young Woman I Met on the Chairlift

I was riding the Wayback lift at Keystone last Friday, and I and the young woman sitting next to me got to talking, the way you sometimes talk to the person sitting next to you on the chairlift, and she asked me about my job and I told her that I'm a writer and I told her about Free Refills and she said she was definitely going to check it out.

Later, I thought about what she would see if she actually followed through on that promise. I assume she was interested in my writing because our conversation interested her, and so I'm willing to bet that there are pieces here that would interest her as well. But would she find them? In all likelihood she'd read the most recent several pieces and would find them interesting exactly to the extent that she was already interested in the topics of those particular pieces. If the set of things I'd written about contained many elements outside the set of things that interest her, she wouldn't be likely to come back.

But of course I want her to come back.

So I thought maybe I should write something to really catch her attention, should today be the day that she thinks, "Oh yeah, that guy on the lift, Free Refills, right, let's go check that out."

By the way: she wore a soft-looking, scalloped white scarf, the kind of scarf that someone named Agnes would definitely wear, so though that almost certainly isn't her name, I will henceforth call her Agnes.

So, Agnes, first of all, sorry I didn't ask you your actual name. You know how it is, riding on the chairlift with someone. But yeah, thanks for coming to check out Free Refills. I hope you'll come back. Over the next days and weeks, some of the pieces I'm going to publish here are going to be about why you should keep coming back.

The nutshell is this, dear Agnes: this may not be immediately evident, but Free Refills is the best and most important website on the whole Internet. That this isn't immediately evident is a pretty big problem though, one of which I'm aware, and it is high time I do something about it.

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