Since You’re New Around Here, Agnes

So I wanna talk about the work I'm doing here at Free Refills. A bit less than a year ago, on the spring equinox (an auspicious day for a new beginning), I launched the project you see here. I had decided that part of my work as a writer was to stop being such a little bitch about perfectionism and publishing, so I made a promise, to myself and to the world, to publish something, anything, every single Monday through Friday like it was my job, which, once you make a promise like that to yourself, is exactly what it becomes. So far, except for a two-week sabbatical I gave to myself around the winter solstice (an auspicious time for rest and reflection), I have kept my promise. I have published every single Monday through Friday since the spring equinox a year ago.

And part of what Free Refills is about is that, while there may be some modifications to the promise, I'm essentially never going to stop.

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