More Thoughts on the North London Derby

It's not that I can't speak rationally about Tottenham Hotspur. It's just that doing so is like trying to describe a vibrantly colored oil painting in terms of whites, blacks and grays.

For example I could describe Spurs' inability to put Saturday's match away in terms of accumulated fatigue, both long- and short-term. It's a long season, and Spurs played in four different competitions this year (the Premier League, the League Cup, the FA Cup, and the Europa League), only recently got knocked out of the FA Cup, and still are participating in the Premier League (obviously) and the Europa League. Furthermore, before Saturday's game, they played on Wednesday, the previous Sunday, and the Thursday before that. Having watched more high-level soccer than any normal human should, I can assure you that the outlier physical specimens that are professional soccer players still need 96 hours between games to (more or less) fully recover.

So a young team, facing a shocking level of pressure (Spurs haven't won the top level of English football since the '60s), after a ridiculous four matches in ten days, took a one goal lead while playing up a man and somehow let off the intensity a little. Speaking rationally, is that really a surprise?

It isn't. In black and white, clearly that's part of what happened.

But let's bring some color back to the discussion. The other part is that Tottenham Hotspur are cursed.

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