My Commission

I know what brought you here originally, dear Agnes--we met on the chairlift, and you said you'd take a look--but what has kept you here? What keeps you coming back?

I know that sometimes what I write about doesn't overlap with your interests. So it must be that sometimes, enough of the time, your Free Refill gives you at least a moment's delight, if not in what I say then how I say it. Your day is often enough that little bit better for having dropped by that you come back for that tasty sip of linguistic beverage.

Yes. That makes sense.

Sometimes there are things that call on me to write them, Agnes, and I will continue to listen to that call. Clearly a big one this year will be the election. I didn't expect that to be the case, but I've published a few pieces so far and I can see that I'm issuing something of a call to arms. It feels like our society is on something of a precipice. That's pretty important to write about, don't you think?

And of course I'll continue to write about the topics that are the heart of my work in the world right now--writing; the intersection of energy practices, learning and exercise; the still-not-fully-understood significance of this thing we call the Internet. I hope those subjects are interesting to you, Agnes.

But, yes, what you say makes sense. Beyond the subjects that are the focus of my work, my commission is to delight. I'll do my best.

Thank you for your explanation, Agnes. This has been most edifying.

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