Their Dark-Hours Say

Stress hit last night like illness oncoming, and I awoke in the wee hours feeling bad, a gonna-vomit level of bad but manifesting differently, the feeling energetic rather than purely physical. The cause of the feeling was as invisible as a microbe that causes nausea. Just stressed. No visible reason.

I got up to write. What else is there to do? Thoughts like, "I'm unhappy," came and demanded attention. I wrote them down, to see where they'd lead.

I wandered through places like this: "Who I am may be a sum of my choices, but choices never solidify into destiny. Meaning there is always a different choice. So choose it. Choose it again and again until it becomes a habit. This is the why and how of change."

The thoughts, thus followed, led me finally to a welcome yawn, then a return to deep sleep and heavy morning dreams, and when I awoke, stress had gone and unhappy had gone. How much of their passing came from the final hours of sleep and how much from allowing them to have their dark-hours say?

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