Why the Rules Still Matter

The rules serve as a statement of values, both to myself and to my readers.

To myself, I am making certain promises about showing up, no matter what. I am articulating the minimum expectations I demand from myself. (It feels good to notice that my minimum expectations aren't trivial.)

To you, my readers, I am stating what you will find upon making a trip to Free Refills. Through my drafting rules, you can know that I'm always working on new material. Through my publishing rules, you know that you'll find something new, any weekday you make a visit.

There's a third value embedded in the rules as well. In the rule that says I can amend the rules, I am promising to evolve. I don't know if this is clear yet, but what I am building with Free Refills is meant to live at the heart of my work and my career as a writer.

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