Changing the World

Is it clear to those of you who read here regularly that what I'm ultimately trying to do with all this work is change the world?1

At a time when just about everyone carries an internet-connected device in their2 pocket all the time, it can be easy to forget that just 20 years ago, the World Wide Web was barely a thing. This revolution has just begun. Forms and approaches may look established, but they're not, not really. We haven't yet moved out of the we-have-no-real-idea-what-we're-doing-let's-experiment phase. There's still ample opportunity for better ideas to win.

The people who ruled the old system have done much to put the brakes on. It's always this way; no one cedes power without a fight. But holding things back for the comfort of the old system's winners benefits no one--the old winners don't keep winning, they just get to ossify.

The old system did me no favors. And I believe that my imagination about what's possible in the new world is as astute and creative as that of anyone. Words are cheap, of course. But I'm here in action.

You have to agree, at the very least, that, compared to a world in which refills aren't free, the better idea, by far, is Free Refills.

1 Maybe not in some huge, grandiose way. A modest statue commemorating my contributions would be sufficient.

2 Another way I wish to help change the world is by putting my weight behind making "everyone...their" (and related forms) become accepted as standard grammar.

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