Putting Down Perfectionism

Last week when I listed things I might put down, I wrote that I could put down any remaining idea that I have to be perfect.

Now, let's be honest: I'm not going to put down all these years of crippling perfectionism without some part of me sneaking over when I'm not looking and picking it up again. "You need it," that part of me will say, after I realize I'm carrying the damn thing again.

"I don't, actually," I'll reply, and put it back down again.

When I'm not looking, that part of me will pick it up again.

Imperfect at putting down the idea of perfect. Is that appropriate or ironic or both?

Anyway, putting down perfectionism will have to be a practice, because I'm sure that I'm gonna find myself carrying it again and again and again.

Which is fine. That's gotta be a good reminder. "Oh, this damn thing again?" And then I'll set it down.

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