A Better Idea

One of my goals in life is to change the world. No big deal, right? Simple.

I don't mean to aggrandize my role. A lot of people feel that way, I think. And many of us, it appears, give up. We make change so hard, which is really strange, because change is literally the most natural thing in the entire universe. It may even be more accurate to say that change is the universe. Moment by moment, nothing stays the same. Nothing. And yet we attach so hard to keeping things as they are. Strange. I wonder where that tendency came from.

I don't think change has to be that hard. There are things that need to change. We don't have to figure out all of these things individually, though. We can just notice the things we notice. We'll feel an impulse. It must happen to people all the time. We notice something in the world that isn't working as well as it could be. We imagine something better. But then all too often we ignore that impulse. It's so hard to change the world, we think.

But it starts just like that, that imagination of how it might work better.

To begin to bring that change into fruition, I'm going to give you an incantation that calls in magic. Find that thing that isn't working as well as it should. Describe it, first to yourself, later to someone else. Describe how it isn't working. Now you have arrived at the moment of beginning. Say these words:

"I have a better idea."

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