Re-Evaluation, Again

In examining my work here (again), I asked myself some questions about why I'm doing what I do, and I was startled by the answer.

Why do I maintain a word-count quota? Easy enough to answer: to keep myself writing. Do I ever over-focus on quantity over quality? Sometimes. But I've found the surest path to quality work is work. Keeping a quota forces me to keep working.

Why do I maintain a daily publishing schedule? A trickier question to answer. Initially, there were two reasons: in order to keep myself in front of readers every day, and as an antidote to perfectionism.

And now? Regarding the latter: While I won't claim to have vanquished perfectionism, after two years of practice it's much less of a problem. But the former reason actually looks poorly defined. What does it mean to be in front of people every day? And to what end?

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