Onward, Free Refills Soldiers!

Let us go then, you and I, on an adventure. Last week's pieces set out something of a manifesto: Here is how I have worked. Here is how I am going to work. And I'm staking my future on it.

There comes a time when all the struggle, all the self-excoriating name-calling, gets a little old.

I'm done facing the dumb momentum of the old system, pursuing what I believe to be the better idea, and then somehow calling myself a coward. I'm done downplaying my abilities as a writer, as though anyone anywhere actually benefits from me shrugging and saying, "I'm pretty good, I guess." I've put in the fucking work, thousands and thousands and thousands of hours of work--of practice--and through it I've earned the right to stand up straight, center myself, look the world in the eye, and tell it that I'm really good at what I do.

And that I've earned the right to get paid for it.

So pick up your sword and shield and join me. Together we march boldly into the future.

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