Spanish Tennis History X

Perhaps you saw that Rafa Nadal beat Dominic Thiem 6-4 6-1 to win the Barcelona Open this weekend, his tenth title there. This comes on the heels of his win in Monte Carlo, his tenth title there as well. If he wins Roland Garros, it will be his tenth French Open title.

The French is the Fashion Open. Last year, it was Adidas that had the most people talking about their clothes. Remember the zebra stripes that Adidas festooned the bulk of its endorsees with? Remember how Simona Halep looked like she was on her way to the dance club in her little frilled-skirt-and-faux-suspenders number?

So if you're a designer at Nike, and Rafa has completed two Tens so far this season, and has a chance for the Really Big Ten at Roland Garros, do you dare allude to that in the clothes you're designing for him for the French? Maybe an X behind the Rafa bull logo on shirts and shoes?

If Nike isn't doing that yet, well, it's a genius idea and they should pay me $100,000 to use it.

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