My name is Benjamin Lanin, but most people call me Ben. I'm a professional writer. I write books and long-form essays, because long-form writing is what I most like to read, but I also write whatever someone is willing to pay me for, because I'm a professional, and I do what it takes to make "professional" true.

I write on a variety of topics. Recently, I've written a lot about energy flow in the body, my practices as a writer, and the imbalances that are so clearly afflicting our society. I've also written a lot about tennis. I like tennis.

In addition to writing, I also coach (writers and otherwise), specializing in freeing up blocked energy. Over the years, I've developed (or stolen) some very specific techniques for dealing with those blocks. If you're blocked, I can probably help.

What you see here on Free Refills is, substantially, the fruit of my own practice as I've learned to deal with and move through blocks.

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