From the Zero Drafts: 14 Apr 2017

But the very idea that the difference between our unconscious and dissatisfying lives and a connection to the vastness of what we're capable of, both individually and together, is really as simple as just learning to breathe, connecting through the breath to all that's around us, and meeting the moment--perhaps it terrifies us. Because all of the pain and all of the suffering--war, famine, hatred, killing--might then be seen to be more than just the sad reality of our lives, but instead might be a tragedy so towering that to really begin to comprehend it might send us scurrying back to the comfort of our couches and televisions and easy unconsciousness. Because to begin to believe, to truly believe, that it really doesn't have to be this way, and that we truly have the power to change it, to change it right fucking now and we've always had that power, it must just disrupt us at our very core. Better to stay stuck where we are a member of the human race, in general accord with all those around us, rather than shake things up by truly embracing our true natures and the true nature of the world--that creation of the most beautiful sort is eternally available to us, we only have to choose it--and demonstrating and risking the opprobrium of all those who aren't ready yet to begin to imagine that the pathway out of their suffering, be it a world of dull grays or the fiery pain of sharp knives across flesh, is right now and has always been immediately at hand.

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