Stalker Update

Those of you have been here for a while might remember that I have myself a stalker. I've never seen her, but I've posited her existence based on the disappearance of certain items from my life. I have a near-OCD tendency to double- and triple-check that I haven't forgotten anything when I leave a place, but somehow things keep disappearing. A surreptitious stalker is the most likely explanation, right?

One of the side-benefits (I guess) of my recent divorce is that, as I was moving myself and all my belongings out of what was formerly my home, I could become pretty sure that something that had disappeared had not simply gotten cast in with other things in my world. I mean, as I was packing, I went through everything.

So it is that I can safely declare that at some point this winter or spring, after a quiet time away, my stalker made her subtle re-appearance into my world. You see, I had a favorite pair of socks. They were colorful, and on the ankle of one of them, it said, "HEY YOU." On the other, it said, "YEAH, YOU." And sometime this winter or spring, HEY YOU went missing.

She sent me a pretty clear message this time, don't you think?

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