Here We Go: Begin Again at the Beginning

You might recall that around the recent equinox, I promised that I would read all the Refills published thus far, as well as all the zero drafts behind those published pieces. Over the past couple of days, I started that process: I went back to the very beginning of the project and read all of season one. What I found there was remarkably cohesive. Most of what I wrote over the first couple of months was about process. I explored what the publishing practice felt like, talked about the zero-drafting technique behind the finished pieces, and connected the writing to the greater context of the energy work that had by that point already made such a huge difference in my life. In the third month, I wrote a lot about what I was experiencing on the Great Road Trip of 2015, while connecting those experiences with some writing about my friend Nolus, the two-year anniversary of whose death occurred during that time, and whose ghost I found traveling with me during parts of the trip.

You might also recall that I recently declared that, while the flow in my life is increasing at what feels like an exponential rate, I've felt that my work has been basically stagnant. I've been asking myself, "What is the block there?"

All the way back in the earliest days of Free Refills, I asserted that I was building something with the writing, but I never really had a firm grasp of what that might be. As time went on, I felt decreasing confidence that I'd built much besides the pieces themselves. However, the cohesion I saw in those earliest pieces suggests that I'm closer to understanding what I've built with my writing here than I ever realized.

Welcome, flow. I invite you in.

Here we go.

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