How to Write a Book

Let's discuss my qualifications. I have four or five novels in process, but none of them are especially close to done. That puts me in pretty good company among aspiring writers, but doesn't speak particularly well of my chances to meet my goal with respect to the book Jerry and I are working on, for which we hope to have a finished first draft by the end of April.

The last time I worked on a novel in earnest was early 2013. I have three years of the Free Refills project under my belt but no experience, none whatsoever, with writing a non-fiction book.

Nevertheless, I'm confident Jerry and I are going to pull this off. Because of the past three years, I trust my ability to zero draft and to cut through perfectionism. I trust our topic and I believe in our motivation to see the work get done.

Because I don't know what I'm doing, but nevertheless still believe that we're going to meet our goal, I'm betting the process is going to be pretty interesting. As it unfolds, I'll share what I learn. Watch this space.

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