The Greater Why of #280Tuesday

So is there more to #280Tuesday than just that I wanted to come up with something super simple so I could easily meet my publishing requirements? "Hey, you wrote a single Tweet, congratifuckinglations! Now you can call yourself a hero!"

Yeah, there's more to #280Tuesday than that. I was trying to come up with a way to use constraints not unlike the rules of game, in which the rules bound and define the area of play. (For more on this idea: See here.)

Furthermore, I like the balance of boundary and expansiveness in the new 280-character limit on Twitter. I found 140 characters awfully restrictive and rarely delightful. #280Tuesday.

But also there's this: I am trying to connect the greater world to my writing by beginning to have the courage to promote it. And I believe, based on literally zero success so far, that Twitter could be a useful medium. #280Tuesday

There is nothing that resembles the exact flavor of sad that is maintaining a presence on Twitter and having no one ever interact with your Tweets. So I thought, "Hey, let's try creating a thing and see what happens." So: #280Tuesday.

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