From the Zero Drafts: 30 March 2015

This comes from a zero draft in which I attempted to write about the broader social significance of the popularity of Game of Thrones. The piece never came to fruition, but when I came across this paragraph, I had to smile.

Some might object that the word I use, nerd, should actually be geek. Feel free to do a little mental find and replace if you feel that way.

At this point in my life I'm pretty adept at passing as a normal person, but really I've always been and will always be a nerd, and for me and all of those like me, there's a certain vindication when nerd culture rises in prominence and becomes an important piece of the greater conversation, and big-time popular entertainment in the fantasy/sci-fi world is always our crowning moment. "It's our world now, bitches," we cry out, shaking our puny but dexterous (for we are excellent typists) little fists.

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