Writing Goals During My Travels

Holy shit! I leave tomorrow!

I intend to work pretty religiously during my travels. There will surely be much to write about from a travel perspective, from a career perspective, from a flow perspective, and from a personal perspective. I'll definitely have a lot to say.

I also intend to keep my focus on drafting for A Way of Life. I've seen some good stuff show up over the past few weeks, and Jerry and I are committed to seeing the project to completion. I'm carrying that intent with me.

My hope is that I'll keep up with Free Refills in some form like what I do now. Five updates a week is a good goal.

But I'm still looking at this period as "The End of the Beginning," and I may find that it's time to approach publishing in a new way. At the very least, I am certainly giving myself this allowance: I'll maintain my intent to publish five updates per week, but I won't worry too much about getting something up every single weekday. I'm not going to break away from whatever cool experience I'm having in order to open up the computer and get something on the website. I intend to work, but I don't intend to get so wrapped up in work that I miss the magic of the moment.

One thought on “Writing Goals During My Travels”

  1. By all means, keep to the schedule if possible, but don’t let it get in the way of the journey. If you need to miss some days we’ll all be fine.

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