Mission Not Accomplished: Mission: Accomplished

You should see the zero-drafts. This was supposed to be a simple piece, basically knocked off to keep my promise and make me smile and do both while acknowledging that I just got back from a week-long trip, had seven-ish hours in the car, and maybe I don't want to be in front of the computer for very long. But then I fucking hit a vein and I'm not going anywhere until I've dug it all out.

The piece is supposed to be called Mission: Accomplished, and it's just a list of little anecdotes that kept me delighted over the course of the trip--but each one brings to mind another, and so I keep going.

Here are four:

  • I had six days there and intended to explore six mountains: Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude, Deer Valley, and Park City/Canyons. I didn't make it to Park City/Canyons. Why? Because untouched leftovers at Snowbird, that's why.

  • I went to Epic Brewing's tasting room, watched first-hand as they served everything out of bottles instead of on tap (if it's on draft in Utah, it has to be 4% or lower) and shook my head. That's enough: I've earned the right to complain about Utah's ridiculous liquor laws.

  • I had my first ever Utah garlicburger. While sharing conversation with a stuntwoman/model. Neither of those facts is made up.

  • I had my first ever LCC powder day. Twelve inches overnight and another six-ish during the day. Siiiiiiick.

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