July 16th, 2013

The news from New Mexico was good. My father was stable, they told me. He appeared to be peaceful. No need to rush back, my mom said. Why not take another day in Colorado?

That sounded relaxing, grounding, expansive. Yes, I said. I'll come back Thursday the 18th instead.

I made plans to spend the 17th with my friend Chris Blarsky. Our conversations were always profoundly interesting and deeply invigorating. I figured Chris's perspective on things would send me back to New Mexico with some interesting new ideas about making the most of my remaining time there, however long that ended up being.

The intensity of the experience I was dealing with in New Mexico had contributed to me not sleeping more than about four hours per night all summer (not without pharmaceutical aid, anyway), but I'd found the time back in Colorado really rejuvenating. I'd slept deeply and long every night. The night of the 16th was no different.

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