Spaciousness (II)

It's the experience so many of us have on vacation. I know I'm not alone in this. Where you go some place far away, sunny and pleasant, and you bring a bunch of books with you and you sit there and read and that's most of what you do. Why did you have to travel to experience that? Well, because it's a path to spaciousness.

You couldn't stay home because then you are there with all your things, and all your demands that press on you, and you cannot escape them, even if you say, "During these weeks on my staycation I'm just going to read." You'll know that stuff is there. You can't escape it. And it'll feel like that, like trying to escape, rather than creating spaciousness. It'll feel like procrastination. Like avoidance.

Whereas you throw some books in the suitcase and head off to Jamaica and sit on the beach all day and read, and it feels spacious, because all that stuff that you left behind that's been yelling at you, "Hey! You gotta paint the bathroom and fix the chain on your bike and reorganize your toolbench." NOT RIGHT NOW YOU DON'T. ALL THAT STUFF IS IN ANOTHER COUNTRY.

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