More About Responsibility to Audience

The problem, of course, is that while there is someone out there who shares any particular interest of yours, there are few if no people who share all of your interests. Even people who know you well and care about you aren't interested in all your interests so much as they are interested in you, and those people, the ones who really love you, are for even the most extroverted among us a small subset of everyone out there. So if I'm going to insist that what I'm doing here is actually going to be a genuinely important part of my job as a writer no matter how my career develops from here, well, I better figure out how to make that immediately obvious to any new visitor to Free Refills. Right, Agnes?

(And by the way, thanks again for coming to visit.)

So I've had to confront that the reason I haven't done anything about reorganizing Free Refills to make it super-obviously Not a Blog and so that a new visitor will immediately find something that interests her is that I have no real idea how to go about doing so. I understand now that the only way I'm going to figure it out is by trying stuff and seeing what works and what doesn't and then taking whatever I learn and iterating, which is sometimes the only workable method but is often frustrating and means living with uncertainty and a willingness to accept your own lack of knowledge for a long time. That isn't really the most comfortable place to be. I guess I kept hoping that the answer would sort of pop into my head and then out into the world fully formed like how Athena in all her wisdom sprung forth from the forehead of Zeus, but clearly it's not going to work that way.

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