The Equinox Impends: Intention

I realize that it's just over four weeks until the anniversary of making this part of my job, and a good approach to celebrating that anniversary would be a Happy Equinox launch of Free Refills 2.0, a glorious, shiny Free Refills which is clearly and obviously Not a Blog.

Now, the only way I'm going to succeed in that intention is if I get started right now doing the necessary behind-the-scenes experimenting, just like I was doing this time last year with the writing that became the early pieces that I published here. So … I guess my path is pretty clear, eh?

I have to remember that I don't need to nail everything into place by the equinox. I mean, hey, it's a website, I can play with the code all day. But I want to get all the seeds planted. The equinox is the perfect day for that.

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