Post-Equinox F.R. Reflections

I said here that I intended to celebrate the equinox by launching Free Refills 2.0, "a glorious, shiny Free Refills which is clearly and obviously Not a Blog."

I sorta hit my deadline and sorta not. The behind-the-scenes work has commenced. I finally found and installed a plug-in that allows me to automatically copy posts between Free Refills sites, so I no longer have to manually copy things like my TTW posts to make them appear on the homepage. I'd like to find/create something a bit more powerful so that it's clear on the main page what sub-domain a certain post is from. I envision having the main page be an aggregator for everything that happens across all of Free Refills. I see the various subdomains of Free Refills as spaces devoted to major projects/concerns of mine, and if it were clear which project a given post belonged to, I'd have more impetus to actually keep those projects active, and my readers would have more awareness that those projects actually exist.

At the same time, I'd be hard pressed to call this Free Refills 2.0. It's more like 1.0.1. Free Refills still looks more like a blog than anything else. (Except that unlike the vast majority of blogs, I actually update the thing.) I have just dipped my toes into making the shiny, glorious website I describe above.

However, despite not being as far along with the site improvements as I'd envisioned, I'm actually pretty pleased. I understood/understand that this part of the work would/will require a lot of trial and error. I put off beginning this stuff for a long time. Now I have at least begun to chip away at it.

And as I hoped, the little bit of work that I've done has brought better into focus what's next. Further proof, I'd say, that draft-edit-iterate is a powerful method for forward momentum.

(Life is a constant process of learning to trust.)

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