Excerpt from a Novel: The Adventures of A. and B.

The next day, when they got up, A. proposed, "We should make a list."

"A list of what?"

"A list of supplies."

"What sort of supplies do we need? We're just road tripping around America, aren't we? We're not going to accidentally end up in the Sahara or the Amazon, are we?"

"That's unlikely, I think," said A. with a straight face. "But you never know. Actually, that's my point. If we don't have anything but the car and our clothes, we have to stop for meals. What if we want to camp? What if we want to explore the mountains of eastern Wyoming, for example?"

"Are there mountains in eastern Wyoming? Isn't that the plains?"

"I have no idea. So what if we get there and there are mountains? It'd be a shame to not be able to go for a hike. Or spend the night in a campground. What if what we're looking for is hidden among the trees in the mountains in eastern Wyoming, and only comes out under the light of the overhead moon? And what if we miss it simply because, instead of camping, we had to stay in the motel down the road? Wouldn't that suck?"

"That would definitely suck," agreed B. It was good to see A. again.

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