Excerpt from a Novel: The Adventures of A. and B. (II)

"All right then," said B. "What do we need to pick up?"

A. thought about it. "We need to make a list so we don't forget anything. Get me a piece of paper." Responding to his own command, he reached into his backpack, which sat at this feet on the floor in front of the couch, and tore out a sheet of paper from a green-covered spiral notebook and set it on the coffee table. From one of the smaller pockets, he grabbed a retractable pen, clicked it a few times, and began to write. "We need...a cooler. A tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads. A flashlight. No, headlamps." He was scribbling in large script across the page.

"How about food?"

"Excellent, B., I'd have never thought of that, I was proposing a cooler so that we could fill it with sand, in case we found we needed some sand, but you're right, food is a better idea to put in the cooler."

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