One of Those Days (II)

Today is another one of those days. It seemed like it should be a good day, and I felt good in the morning, but somehow it all went wrong. Getting out the door to walk the dog seemed to take an hour. It took an hour to make breakfast. Everything was pissing me off.

Today the Front Range springtime wind is up, and I hear it gusting outside the window. Perhaps that's why I've been so on edge. I remember a day, last autumn maybe, when the howling wind had me wanting to crawl out of my skin. That day I tried to escape by heading to my favorite local coffee shop, but I found no relief there. Though there was no visible discomfort among the people in the room--I saw, as normal, a room full of eyes downcast toward laptops--I quickly became aware I wasn't the only one feeling shredded by the wind. The feeling grew in resonance with others' vibrations, and my time there only made it worse.

I escaped for a while this morning into my favorite video game, under the influence of which time certainly flies, at airplane-like velocity. My awareness of the outside wind faded. I felt better by feeling less. And then it arose in my mind that maybe yesterday's foul mood, like this morning's, got carried on the energy of the same storm. Yesterday, a beautiful day got pushed away by the advancing clouds and cold, and today the wind whistles, shrieks and howls as the storm finishes moving through. Perhaps the storm carried angry ghosts, mal aire.

Oddly (or perhaps not) once I offered myself the suggestion that the shrill energy of the wind might perhaps be the cause of my dark temper, my mood seemed to settle down a little within me. I'm calm again. The wind was harsh in my ears, sharp on my skin, but now it's once again just the wind.

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