Fruition. Reflection.

So if spring is the time for Planting, summer the time of Fruition, fall the time of Harvest, and winter the time of Rest and Recuperation, then would I say that over the nine seasons I have practiced the Free Refills project that I have Planted Seeds on each of the spring equinoxes, began to bring things to Fruition on both summer solstices so far, have Harvested each fall equinox, and put everything to Rest and began quietly again each winter? I've been aware of those energies, but, really, things have been pretty consistent around here for all nine seasons. I write my 5000 words per week, I publish every weekday. There's nothing that particularly indicates that anything has changed besides, perhaps, my acknowledgment of the change of seasons.

That I was finally able to put the summer solstice to name, to call it Fruition, brought me to a different idea and understanding of what those seasons might mean. I thought, "Maybe I have been in Planting a Seed this whole time." It makes sense, after all. In many ways, I've been doing the same thing all along, just continuing to work and waiting for clarity regarding exactly I'm doing, hoping that the work itself would guide me. And maybe, with the recognition that summer is a time of Fruition, it finally has. Even though it's been two-and-a-quarter years of Free Refills so far, this whole period, really, has been about planting seeds. And now it is time for that to change.

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