What Fruition Might Look Like

The goal with Free Refills has always been to have enough material here that it would support my goal of earning a full and vibrant living via my writing. But in what way? I've never really been able to fully articulate it.

I have long insisted that Free Refills is not a blog. So what is it? Today marks the 600th piece I've put up as part of the Free Refills project. I think it's fair to call Free Refills a portfolio of my work. It is also proof (to myself, and to the world) that I continue to show up: I have earned, and every day continue to earn, the right to call myself a working writer.

Free Refills should give readers sense of what I do, what I'm capable of, and, I hope, a sense of what they'd like to see from me in the future. All 600 pieces I've written so far have been written at my own volition. But I would prefer to give my readers what interests them, in exchange for the financial support to continue doing so.

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