Thoughts on Federer After Round One

On the one hand, we're all mad at Andy Murray for waiting until after the draw to pull out (did he really think one more day was going to finally heal his hip?), which kept Federer as the 3-seed, which allowed him to draw into the same side of the draw as Nadal, which means our Narrative of Greatest Hype features a Nadal-Federer semi-final, which is not quite as bright and shiny as potentially meeting in the final, is it?

On the other hand--and not to take too much away from Frances Tiafoe, who continued to show that the ceiling on his game is very high indeed--the quality of Federer's play would seem to indicate that his back is not 100%, which suggests that he'll either lose before the semis, or else get soundly thumped by Nadal if they end up playing each other.

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