What Should I Bring?

I asked my cousins what I should bring for Thanksgiving dinner. I was told that I could bring whatever it was I wanted to drink. "I know," I said, "I'll bring cocktail fixins' to share."

So I've packed two bottles of gin (one admittedly already open), sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, some fernet, some bitters, my cocktail glass, a measuring cup, a cocktail spoon, some olives, some homemade ginger syrup, some lemons and some Luxardo cherries. I still need to get a bottle of bourbon or rye for Benhattans. Once I do that, we'll be set for martinis, Manhattans, Benhattans, and whiskey gingers.

This is Free Refills. Are you surprised that we tend to go a little, um, overboard where delicious beverages are concerned?

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