Reinforcements (II)

T-minus eight days and counting.

A second vade mecum for this trip: The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles. Jen Sincero recommends this book in You Are a Badass. She says this:

This is now easily the book that I recommend to people the most, and the one I read over and over. But you have to let a lot go because it will absolutely go up your nose if you're still working on your issues around it being okay to make money.

I am still working on my issues around it being okay to make money. But I have no problem knowing flow when I see it, and Wallace Wattles writes as well as I have ever seen about the mindset and energetic focus needed to manifest true abundance into your life. This trip is, in large part, a statement of faith on my part that I can finally let go of my blocks to that manifestation, and as a reminder and a practice, this book is going with me as well.

Links to these books:
You Are a Badass
The Science of Getting Rich

(The Science of Getting Rich is in the public domain, and so there are about 6,000 different editions of it. The above links to one of the editions I have. It's of sufficient quality and it's inexpensive.)

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