The End of the Beginning

Jerry and I have been working on our book proposal for A Way of Life. The publisher we'd like to work with requests multiple sample chapters, including the final chapters.

Final chapters? How do you know the end before you get there? Well, I've been zero-drafting my concluding chapter, and the best phrase I've come up with so far to describe where I am in my growth process is, "The end of the beginning."

Once I came up with that phrase, it seemed an apt description for this trip as well. This trip will be a punctuation mark for the process and the growth I've undergone to this point. It will be a place to explore who I am when taken out of all the environments that delineate my normal patterns. What will I see? What will I learn?

When the trip is done, it'll be time to start the next phase. Hopefully what that phase is will come into some clarity over the weeks of the trip.

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