It had been eleven years since he'd last won a Major. He had never once won a professional tournament in which he had to come from behind on the final day. But then Sunday came along, and though there were many players in contention, it seemed that none of them could quite handle the pressure of seeing Tiger Woods battling for the win on a Sunday. It had just been so long. And so each one made one mistake (or two, or three, or more) too many.

Tiger Woods in Masters champion again.

Back in 2015, seeing the shit-show that was Tiger's career inspired Jerry and me to embark on a project that changed, and continues to change, our lives. Maybe some of that energy made its way to Tiger himself. We've set the goal to have him on the podcast, so someday we'll get to ask him.

We started writing Training Tiger Woods that autumn. It's probably time to go back and revisit all that work. If you're interested in checking it out, start at the beginning and go chronologically forward. Here's a link: Training Tiger Woods

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