Saint Jordi’s Day, Silverthorne CO

When I was making breakfast this morning, it occurred to me that the Barcelona Open was, right at that very moment, happening. I turned on the TV briefly to tennis coverage. Sure enough, they were broadcasting from center court in Barcelona. "I've been there," I said aloud, and a little pink hue of pleasure warmed me from within. Exactly one year ago was my first full day in Barcelona.

That pink hue of pleasure: Understand, I did a thing that scared me enough that I thought it impossible, but it wasn't even close to impossible, and now I carry both the memories of the trip and the memories of doing the trip--which is different--within me. "I've been there," I say, and it's like a little dawning inside my heart.

My life is so far removed from where I was a year ago, it seems almost surreal.

Happy Saint Jordi's Day. Go buy a book or a rose for someone you love.

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