Podcast Production, Part One of Many

Jerry and I decided that we should start working on a podcast. We've done some initial test recordings and they've gone well. We haven't been worrying too much about the technical side of things, instead focusing on getting a feel for our conversational dynamic, how readily we can communicate our ideas, and starting to develop an instinct for things like making space for the other to speak, the rhythms of our give-and-take, and so on.

We're zero-drafting, in other words.

Well, I'm gonna be the one producing the thing, which is to say that all the technical stuff will fall to me, which is fine because I have a little experience in audio production and I enjoy it--or at least I did the last time I played with it, which is admittedly quite a few years ago. So today I decided it was time to start playing with and learning about some of the technical aspects of podcast production, which is new territory for me. I made some recordings with a couple of different microphones, and then, deciding there is no point in reinventing the wheel, I went to my friend the internet to ask some questions about signal chains and gain-staging for podcasts.

Perhaps you don't know what "signal chains" and "gain-staging" mean. That's fine. I have a question for you, though: when you read those phrases, did you have a flash of wait-is-this-gonna-be-on-the-test anxiety? If so, good: I do know what those phrases mean, and still that's exactly how I felt as I began to dive into the articles I found. A feeling of: "HELLLLLLLLLLP!"

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